Sestron's vision is to advance health care so to
extend and enhance the quality of life.  

When choosing Sestron to conduct a Clinical Trial,
you can expect a professional staff that complies
with FDA regulations,  GCP/ICH Guidelines and
will work to meet Sponsor's expectations and time-

Sestron Staff's expertise covers over 27 years
combined experience in conducting Clinical
Research.  Investigators on staff include:

  • Barbara C. Biggs, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Glenn Gatipon,MD PhD - General Medicine, Pain
    Management, Bariatric Medicine
  • Lance P. Walker, DO, MPH
  • Eugene Hirsh, MD - Gastroenterology
  • Katherine Collier, MD- General Medicine

 Therapeutic areas of Experience  

When you come to Sestron as a Clinical Trial Participant  
your confidentiality, safety, and health are our main concern.

Barbara C. Biggs M.D.

Paul L. Walker DO, MPH

Glenn Gatipon, MD, PHD, MBA

Kelsey E. Moore, NP-C

Katherine Collier, MD
About Sestron Clinical Research
Sestilia T. Fish
Site Director

Ron Fish, B.A.  
Business Development,
Budgets, Contracts

Linda Sweeney,
Study Coordinator

Amy Herzog
Study Coordinator
Meet Our Staff
We are located at
833 Campbell Hill St. Suite 230, Marietta, Georgia 30060
North West of Atlanta with easy access from the main expressways and public transportation

Contact us at 770-795-7905.
Principal Investigators

     Pain Management (Oncology)
Women's / Men's Health
Sexual Dysfunction
Psychiatry (sleep disorders)
Pulmonology (COPD)